Sport halls

Without a good covered space, challenging weather conditions especially in the Nordic countries can be an obstacle for favorite hobbies. Hall for sports has to be warm, cover from wind and ice, be adaptable for different use and reasonably-priced. That is why Best-Hall has chosen to be a supplier of multiple sport halls. What works in the climate of Northern countries, works in elsewhere as well.

We have been honored to be able to help people develop in their favorite hobbies around the world. One of the biggest sport halls that we have installed has been Gillette Stadium in Boston. Requirements to supplier was to be hard as steel and so were we chosen. We have builded halls for horse riders, ice hockey players, football players, dog enthusiasts and athletics. What is sport you want to promote?

Arena Nordvest

Ice Arena, Kristiansund Norway

Football hall

Måndalen, Norja

Sports hall

Tornion liikuntakeskus

Icehockey hall

Anders Wiklöf Arena, Pietarsaari

Football hall

Vagur, Faeroe

Football hall

Nordkapp, Norway

Football hall

Dombås, Norway

Football hall

United kingdom

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