Garbage and recycling halls

Best-Hall’s PVC covered and steel framed hall is more than suitable for the treatment of recycling and garbage materials, because it meets the newest instructions and requirements. We build halls so weatherproof that buirds or other animals stay away from garbage. We make halls so strong that wind or rain won’t spread garbage to environment.

With special modifications, Best-Halls are good solution for composting also. Composting process creates corrosive fluids that has to be considered by installing inside cover, hot-dip galvanizing the frame or using special paints. Sometimes we solve the corrosion challenge by creating over or under pressure between inside and outside covers.

We have installed multiple garbage and recycling halls with special treatments around Europe. Some of those are recycling halls to Vapo in Turku, to RGS in Denmark and a garbage hall to Espoo.

Garbage hall

RGS, Tanska

Recycling hall

Vapo, Turku

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